Perfect In Her Flaws

Emily Every Day

Thick and fast, these brief notes come flying out of the dark. Emily shoots bullets from the hip on love and other difficulties. First, the following came to hand.

#462, c.1862

Why make it doubt — it hurts it so —
So sick — to guess —
So strong — to know —
So brave — upon its little Bed
To tell the very last They said
Unto Itself — and smile — And shake —
For that dear — distant — dangerous — Sake
But — the Instead — the Pinching Fear
That Something — it did do — or dare —
Offend the Vision — and it Flee —
And They no more remember me —
Nor ever turn to tell me why —
Oh, Master, This is Misery —

This could be one of her “Master Letters”, that direct address to the person she calls, “Dear Master”…

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Be Your Own Guru

Francie Soito

There comes a point in everyone’s spiritual path where we need to look to own inner guru for answers. We all seek guidance external from ourselves from time to time, from experts in a particular field or friends that we know and trust. Ultimately, when it’s all said and done, the only one who can truly answer your questions is you. Why is that? Because only you know your truth.

Think back on a time when you received advice from an ‘expert’ be it a medical doctor or a therapist or a spiritual adviser or a friend. Did you feel that they weren’t quite hitting the mark? That maybe they were missing something because deep down you knew the answer lied in a different direction? And when you did receive the advice that was right for you did you feel as if bells went off within you signaling that yes…

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Manifestations of Borderline Personality Disorder

This is an amazing blog


Snowflake, you’re not the only one.

We are not all alike. We are not the same. Just like everyone else.


When someone is initially introduced to Borderline Personality Disorder it’s easy to think that all Borderlines are the same, especially with such common stigmas surrounding the disorder. Anger, hostility, self-harm, empty, low self-esteem,lunar laser based world destructo-beam contruction,etc… they’re all thought to be commonly shared. According to the DSM-IV and the checklist that clinicians will use to diagnose you with, it’s very easy to assume that there are a limited number of combinations and therefore a limited number of ways to view BPD. Thus resulting in a general conclusion that all BPD sufferers are the same type of people. What you don’t hear about are the differences. Every person is different and therefore has a different combination of symptoms. Even if you inevitably have the same sets of symptom…

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An Introduction to Dialectical Thinking According to DBT

Interesting explanation = important to understand in terms of how to conduct one’s self

DBT Peer Connections

Dialectical Thinking Diagram by Rachel Gill

To say that something is right or wrong is a moral judgment, a subjectively realized opinion. In other words, what may be right to you may be wrong to me and vice verse. For this reason, a primary objective in dialectical thinking is to eliminate unnecessary judgments. However, this is not to say that judging has no purpose.

To the contrary, judgments are a necessary means to human survival. Every day we make important judgments that help shape the course of our future like putting on a seat-belt before driving or waiting for the proper signal before entering a crosswalk. Rather, what dialectics is targeting in the context of judgments is an inflexibility of mind, black and white thinking.

In dialectical thinking, there is a conscious intent to build awareness to one’s own and others personal judgments. Through this state of awareness, one becomes able to realize, acknowledge, and then…

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Setting the Talmud Free

I love the idea of the Talmud being accessible to as many people of both genders

The Sefaria Blog


More than fifty years ago, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz Even-Israel took it upon himself to make the Talmud, the central text of Jewish life, available to all. In 1965, he began translating the 37 tractates of the Talmud from ancient Aramaic into Modern Hebrew, with an English translation published in the Koren Talmud Bavli Noé Edition. Ninety percent of the world’s Jewish population speaks English or Hebrew as a first language, so making the Talmud intelligible in these two languages is a colossal achievement, but until now, this precious content was only available to those with access to a physical volume.

Today, Sefaria is excited and humbled to announce the release of The William Davidson Talmud, a free digital edition of the Babylonian Talmud with parallel translations, interlinked to major commentaries, biblical citations, Midrash, Kabbalah, Halakhah, and an ever-growing library of Jewish texts.

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An Open Letter to Women Who Voted for Trump

Jessica Nydia Pabón-Colón, Ph.D.

Dear women who voted for Trump and have nothing good to say about yesterday’s marches across the world,
I hope you take the time to read this because just two days ago I didn’t have the energy to write it. I was completely spent from years of educating others as a queer Latina feminist scholar and activist, not wanting to build bridges between women who voted against themselves, tired of speaking with those who willfully refuse to listen. But then yesterday morning, I marched. Then I got home and watched millions of people march in bright pink pussyhats and went to bed energized and ready to keep doing the work.
When I woke up this morning, I read some comments on various social media platforms that left me with one question for you: What do you get out of tearing down other women? Pause on that for a second.

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