An Introduction to Dialectical Thinking According to DBT

Interesting explanation = important to understand in terms of how to conduct one’s self

DBT Peer Connections

Dialectical Thinking Diagram by Rachel Gill

To say that something is right or wrong is a moral judgment, a subjectively realized opinion. In other words, what may be right to you may be wrong to me and vice verse. For this reason, a primary objective in dialectical thinking is to eliminate unnecessary judgments. However, this is not to say that judging has no purpose.

To the contrary, judgments are a necessary means to human survival. Every day we make important judgments that help shape the course of our future like putting on a seat-belt before driving or waiting for the proper signal before entering a crosswalk. Rather, what dialectics is targeting in the context of judgments is an inflexibility of mind, black and white thinking.

In dialectical thinking, there is a conscious intent to build awareness to one’s own and others personal judgments. Through this state of awareness, one becomes able to realize, acknowledge, and then…

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